What is Baptism?


This is a service which marks the beginning of a child's journey with

God - a journey which continues for the rest of their lives.  It's a first step in response to God's love. The wider community of the family and friends and the local church welcome the new Christian, promising support and prayer for the future,


Although the Church always calls this service Baptism, it's also known as Christening, as it's here that a child is given their Christian names and begins their Christian life.


When can my child be baptised?


Baptisms of infants and children normally take place during one of the Sunday services on the first Sunday of the month.


You'll need two or more Godparents or Sponsors.

Can I be baptised?


Yes! We also offer baptism to adults.

What does it cost?


There is no charge for Baptism, but a donation to the Church at the end of the service is really welcome!

If you'd like your baby or child baptised, please contact The Benefice Office on  01296 632488 or e-mail: