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The original organ was built by Norman and Beard of Norwich in 1894 and installed in the Chancel of the church and remained unchanged for half a century. In 1960 a decision was taken to move the organ to its present position on the West wall, with a new two manual con­sole with electrical action in the Chancel where the old organ used to stand. However, accompanying the choir presented problems be­cause of the delay of the sound reaching  the  Chancel. In 1983 a small chamber organ was constructed by Boullivant behind the con­sole in the window recess of the Chancel.


Following another fifty years, the organ became both unreliable and difficult to maintain, so the PCC decided to raise funds for a  major re­furbishment The generosity of the parishioners of the Benefice, through five years of fund raising, enabled a complete rebuild of the Nave organ and a refurbishment of the Chancel organ and console. In 2011 the entire organ was removed and re-built with the pipes (nearly 900) cleaned, re-worked and voiced. Some pipes were added or replaced. The action has a solid state digital control which has al­lowed the provision of a piston system for greater flexibility. In addi­tion both the Nave and Chancel organs now have digitally produced 16' stops.


Peter Collins Ltd of Melton Mowbray carried out the work, costing £70,000.  The organ was re-dedicated by the Bishop of Oxford at a service of Candlemas on 2nd February 2012.

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