Private Prayer


St. Mary’s is open for private prayer from 10 am to 4 pm every Sunday. 

Please keep to the designated seating area whilst in church.

St. Mary’s is in the process of becoming a ‘Festival Church’, which means that the church can remain open for both worship and community use.  

Being a Festival Church means that St. Mary’s will be able to serve you its community,

not only as a place of worship but also as a community centre by opening its doors

and being used respectfully, regularly, and creatively by the community of Drayton Beauchamp.


We are planning a minimum of six special Festival Services a year.



​Sunday 6 June  -  11 am  Holy Communion

Sunday 4 July  -   11 am  Holy Communion

Sunday 15 August  -  11 am Festival of St. Mary’s followed by a Hog Roast

Sunday 5 September  -  11 am International Charity - St. Nicholas School

Sunday 3 October  -  11 am Harvest Festival followed by a Barbecue

Sunday 7 November  -  11 am Remembrance Service

Sunday 5 December  -  4.30 pm St. Nicholas Festival followed by wine and mince pies

Sunday 12 December  -  12 noon Icknield Sixteen Choir

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