Private Prayer


St. Mary’s is open for private prayer from 10 am to 4 pm every Saturday and Sunday. 

Please keep to the designated seating area whilst in church.

Forthcoming Worship


These are the services planned for 2022, please ensure you check details nearer the time:


Sunday 6th February               4.30 pm   Service for Candlemas

Sunday 6th March                               11.00 am   Holy Communion
Sunday 17th April                                  11.00 am   Easter Holy Communion
Sunday 1st May                                         11.00 am   Holy Communion
Sunday 5th June                                   4.00pm    Service for the Queen
s Jubilee
Sunday 10th July                                     4.30 pm   Blessed Virgin Mary Holy Communion
Sunday 7th August                            4.30 pm   Holy Communion

Sunday 4th September        11.00 am   Holy Communion
Sunday 2nd October                   4.30 pm   Harvest Thanksgiving
Sunday 13th November         4.30 pm   Remembrance Sunday Evensong
Sunday 11th December          4.30 pm   Celebration of Christmas
Sunday 25th December     11.00 am   Christmas Day Holy Communion

For other events, see here.

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