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St. Michaels is in Crisis!

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We are fundraising for St Michael's church as we have urgent repairs to carry out to the South Roof, Southeast Buttress, Tower and the East Wall.  Once these have been completed, we can start work again on our Open House Project which is to have an accessbile toilet and new kitchen.
Our ultimate aim is to run a weekly dementia cafe but this can't be organised until we fix our church and install the toilet and kitchen.

Online: Aston Clinton PCC Open House account
Sort Code: 20-03-18
Account Number: 73003892

Tap via your card on our Tap Machine just inside church -
you can choose the amount.

Complete a Yellow Envelope or join the Parish Giving Scheme -
both of which are available in the church. 
Just fill out the form or put your donation in the yellow envelope.

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