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Palm Sunday  -  Sunday 24th March

                            8.00 am Holy Commuion - at All Saints

                            9.15 am  Sung Eucharist with Procession of Palms - at St. Michaels


Maundy Thursday  -  Thursday 28th March

                           7.30 pm  Sung Eucharist of The Lords Supper - at St. Michaels

Good Friday  -  Friday 29th March

                           2.00 pm  The Way Of The Cross  -  at St. Michaels

Easter Day  -  Sunday 31st March

                           8.00 am  Easter Holy Communion  -  at All Saints

                           9.15 am   Easter Fire Sung Eucharist  -  at St. Michaels

                           11.00 am  Easter Fire Holy Communion  -  at St. Marys

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